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The Graded Gamer was founded in 2004 after 10 + years of collecting non-sports cards.   After handling, buying and trading thousands of cards we came to realize that "mint" didn't mean the same thing to all collectors.  This frustration led us to discover the world of graded cards.  Once we discovered third party grading it was only natural we would upgrade our entire collection by having it graded!  After researching all the major grading companies we decided to have our cards graded exclusively by Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA), the leader in third party grading.

From the PSA website:
PSA provides expert analysis and protection for your collectibles. Using state-of-the-art, proprietary methods, the hobby's most astute and knowledgeable grading experts render carefully considered, unbiased third-party opinions of grade. When you see a card/ticket in a holder displaying the PSA logo, you can be confident that the card/ticket has been properly authenticated and graded by the experts at Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA). These are some of the attributes that have made PSA the largest and most respected third-party grading and authentication service in the world.

Standardized Grading
Every card or collectible graded by PSA uses the PSA 10-point grading scale, which has been accepted and supported industry-wide since 1991. This tested standard ensures a level of consistency that is unsurpassed in the hobby.

PSA's strict grading procedures provide the highest level of objectivity achievable. Graders do not buy, sell or have any financial interest whatsoever in the collectibles they grade. Unique tracking numbers and generic packaging in the grading room conceal the owners' identities.

Grading Accuracy
When you buy a PSA-graded collectible or submit an item to PSA for grading, you get the most accurately graded collectible in the hobby. You'll never have to rely on subjective opinions or the word of a seller. This is why PSA-graded collectibles generate higher market values than ungraded items or those graded by another company.

Encapsulation and Long-term Preservation
To reinforce its guarantee of grade and authenticity and protect your investment, collectibles graded by PSA are encapsulated in tamper-evident, sonically sealed, high-security capsules. These visually appealing, optical-grade hard plastic holders provide a secure, firm fit that safeguards your collectibles from pressure and most damage. Once encased, you can rest assured that your collectibles and their PSA grade should remain intact, barring an extraordinary event such as flood or fire. The PSA storage capsule provides the best long-term protection available.

Specialized Tag
This indicates the card's manufacturer, grade, date, unique bar code and player's name. With this information, you can check the PSA census figures for your specific card in the PSA Population Report(SM) and the current value of your card in the Sports Market Report Online(SM).

Certification Number
This is the card's fingerprint. A unique number is assigned to each card when it arrives at PSA and stays with it throughout its life. Once your card leaves PSA, it can be verified, sight-unseen, for authenticity using this number.

Tamper-Evident Seal
The sonically sealed holder gives you the added assurance that your card and the PSA grade assigned to it will remain intact. As long as your card remains in the PSA holder, it is backed by the PSA Guarantee of Grade and Authenticity.

Stackable Edge
This feature helps you keep your collection organized and assists you in storing your prized collectibles. PSA storage boxes and other supplies are also available.

The PSA Guarantee of Grade and Authenticity
This policy is fundamental to PSA's concept of third-party grading. It ensures the accuracy of the grade assigned to any PSA-graded card as long as the card remains in its tamper-evident holder.

Now that you're familiar with PSA and third party grading, browse our site and know that you're looking at the best of the best!
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