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2019 Marvel Annual Card 109 Bucky Barnes (AT PSA)

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This card is ready to go to PSA for grading.   Please add yourself to the Wait List if you are interested in being notified when this card returns graded.

 How the Wait List works:

  • Cards are listed that are ready to go to PSA for grading.
  • Collectors add themselves to the Wait List for each card they are interested in.
  • When the card is returned from PSA with a grade we will notify the Collector so they can review the grade / price and purchase if interested.
  • Collectors are notified on a first come first served basis.  We work our way down the Wait List when a card is returned from PSA.

Card Series: Upper Deck Marvel Annual
Year Released: 2019
Card Number: 109
Insert Series: Short Print
Grade: TBD
Character: Bucky Barnes

Provenance:  ePacks transfer

Please note:  the scan is representative of the card in the title and might not be the actual card being sent to PSA.  

Why is the Wait List great?

Collectors are able to let us know which cards they are interested in possibly buying once they are graded.   We have thousands of cards queued for grading and this Wait List process allows us to prioritize the cards that get sent to PSA so we are able to grade the cards Collectors are hunting for faster!   Remember, there is no expectation that Collectors will buy all cards they Wait List for so add any you are interested in!


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